2015 Participation/Fees

The symposium is open to middle school and high school music educators and lab ensemble performers. Undergraduates are welcome as Undergrad Auditors or Performers only. IMPORTANT: Registration will be not considered complete until payment is received. Conductor registrations will certainly close quickly, so don’t delay if you are truly interested in conducting. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  New Jersey In-service credit (“100 hours”) will be provided by MEBCI, an authorized New Jersey provider.

The following is the fee schedule for both members of MEBCI and non-members. (Membership in MEBCI is restricted to music educators employed in Bergen County, New Jersey. Conductors and Auditors working outside Bergen County may only register as non-MEBCI members.)

Please note that all Conductors, Auditors, and Undergrad Auditors are expected to attend all sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

CONDUCTORS (limited to 12) attend the lecture-demonstrations and labs, debriefing sessions at the end of each day, and conduct at each of 3 lab sessions. Conductors will receive a video file of their podium time at all three labs. Conductors perform in the Wind Ensemble lab ensembles if needed to fill the instrumentation. NJ In-Service credit: 1 hour credit per clinic hour plus 4 hours preparation, for a total of 17 in-service credits.
Conductor fee: $275.00 for MEBCI members/$500.00 for non-members. (Fee includes morning coffee/bagels and lunch buffet with beverage on Saturday & Sunday.)

AUDITORS (limited only by seating space) attend lecture-demonstrations, debriefing sessions at the end of each day, observe and play at each wind ensemble lab session, and observe the chamber ensemble lab session. Auditors are expected to play in the Wind Ensemble labs. NJ In-Service credit: 1 hour credit per clinic hour, for a total of 13 in-service credits.
Auditor fee: $175.00 for MEBCI members/$350.00 for non-members/$100.00 for current undergrads. (Fee includes morning coffee/bagels and lunch buffet with beverage on Saturday & Sunday.)
PERFORMERS (limited by instrumentation; register early!) play for one or both of the afternoon wind ensemble lab sessions. NJ In-Service credit: 3 hours credit per lab rehearsal.
There is no participation fee for Performers. Registration is open to adult players and college-age players with experience commensurate with this activity. Participation as a Chamber Ensemble performer is offered by invitation only.

Please make checks payable to MEBCI.